A Multi-Disciplinary Team of Experts

As a multi-disciplinary team of experts, we specialize in reservoir characterization and utilize information originating from geological, seismic, well logging and field production data sources delivered to our clients as a predictive and highly detailed geological model for improved reservoir management decisions.

Customized Solutions for Your Unique Challenages

The secret of success lies in proper workflow design for your specific case. The Colchis team will investigate your specific geological conditions and problems, and perform a comprehensive data assessment before making recommendations for a consulting project, tailored to meet you specific needs



Clients Expanding

By providing optimized reservoir solutions for the O&G industry, within 4 years, Colchis acheived quite distinct results over China and neighboring countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Burma etc.). Our clients spread throughout all branches of Chinese national oil companies (PetroChina, SinoPec & CNOOC) and some private oil companies.


Multi-Disciplinary Workflows are available for different O&G Exploration and Production projects

Integrated Solutions

                         for Improving

                                        Reservoir Performance