We'd like to help you make informed decisions about the potential of your reservoir, by conducting multidisciplinary reservoir evaluation and development services in order to identify the risks and opportunities, assess the uncertainty range and economically optimize development.

We offer significant expertise in the fields of seismic QC and interpretation, geological evaluations, quantitative log evaluations, reservoir characterization, production geology, static geological modeling and dynamic simulation.

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Case 1

Field Development Plan Modified Resulting in Better Economic Savings

A client asked our team of experts to review their reservoir, the aim was to help

evaluate the reservoir to provide FDP for economic purposes. The initial

evaluation proposed the main controlling characteristics of the reservoir was

its structure, a third party firm based on the structure acertained the reservoir

had an estimated proven reserves of 28 million barrells  of oil. During

our re-evalution of the reservoir, our team combined well correlation,

petrophysical evaluation, seismic interpretation and production decline analysis

to arrive at an improved reservoir characterization and description, it was

descovered that the structural characteristics and reservoir lithology played significant roles in the behviour of the reservoir, with this new understanding of the reservoir, the development plan was modified, the modification resulted in reduced expendition which translated to overall better economic performance for the client.

Case 2

Improving production from a Brown Field while reducing Water Cut level

Colchis was contacted to provide consulting service for a matured offshore field

to evaluate the injection-production relationship and identify possible bypassed oil,

in addition, we also focused on how to reduce the water cut which was close

to 97%. Our team reviewed and analysed the individual well production history,

reservoir production history, reservoir structure, static and dynamic model

evaluation and simulation. Based on the study carried out by Colchis, several

options were presented to the client, subsequently, the client executed one of

the options and was able to achieve a 4% increase in the EUR with reserves

recovery improving by 2.5% and the average water cut reducing from 97% to 91%.

In total, anualy production from the field was increased by approximately 140K bbl,

a substantial addition from a brown field.

Services Offered

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• Appraisal projects

• Development project

• Unconventional O&G projects