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Rock Physics Forward Modeling Software 
  • Rigorous and scientifically sound reservoir parameter grid assignment, utilizing strict stratigraphic principles for interpolation/extrapolation of various properties.

  • Incorporates calibration using results from various rock and fluid standard measurement experiments conducted in top international laboratories.

  • Allows assignment of single-category properties such as Vp/Ip/Is or real-time assignment based on given rock type, porosity, and saturation utilizing rock physics.

  • Enables property assignment based on formation and geological body attributes, while also providing flexible attribute calculators.

  • Supports the setting of time-varying and spatially varying parameters for any volume, such as compaction laws, geothermal gradients, and pressure gradients.
Pain points of the industry:
Restore the true response of the formation, delve into the fundamental laws of rock physics, and select sensitive elastic factors optimally.


Forward Modeling Software


  • Generally, only two major minerals can be processed and synthesized.

  • Only one type of pore that develops in pure minerals (sandstone or limestone) can be applied, and the microstructure of the pore is single (single alpha)

  • Cannot consider anisotropy and fractures.

  • Requires high skills from operators, complex operation, poor interactivity, and poor maintainability.

  • The rock physics modeling method and results have not formed a knowledge base, making it difficult to quantitatively compare different regions and strata and challenging to maintain and apply in the later stages.
How can ColchisRP help?
Feature 1. Interactive Rock Physics Forward Modeling
  • Supports Xu-White, Differential Effective Medium (DEM), Self-Consistent, Hudson and Xu-Payne models.

  • Rock physics forward modeling methods, mineral matrix, porosity, clay content, aspect ratio, fluid parameters, temperature, and pressure can all be interactively modified.

  • It has multiple interactive functions, real-time monitoring of forward modeling match degree with well logs and crossplots, and supports batch processing of multiple wells.

  • It supports various complex mineral rock physics modeling and is suitable for fast modeling of conventional reservoir layering systems. It provides distinctive solutions for carbonate rocks and unconventional formations.

  • Establishment and management of rock physics template libraries:
  • 1.Allows loading and management of previous rock physics research results.
  • 2.Typical rock physics libraries for major basins/oilfields nationwide have been completed.
Feature 2Accurate calculation and Assignment of Reservoir Geophysics parameters

The cloud system of ColchisRP was released!