From Rock To Reservoir

Integrated solutions for improving reservoir performance 

Consulting Services

  • From Whole Core to Nano-Scale Digital Rock Analysis
  • Integrated Digital Rock and Core Experiments for Complex Porous and Permeable Reservoir Multi-Well Evaluation
  • Quantitative Rock Physics Study for Reservoir Characterization and Fluid-Sensitive Elastic Factors Optimization
  • Seismic Gather Processing to Establish the Foundation for Quantitative Reservoir Studies
  • Quantitative Pre-stack and Post-stack Inversion for Predicting Rock and Fluid Property Variations
  • Quantitative Prediction of Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoirs
  • Integrated Modeling and Reservoir Simulation to Understand Remaining Oil Distribution
  • Integrated Geological and Engineering Research to Improve Construction Efficiency
  • Customized Software Development for the Oil and Gas Industry

Featured Solutions

  • Integrated Multidisciplinary Collaboration Solution for Gas Storage Facilities
  • Colchis CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage) Solution
  • Construction of Digital Rock Library/Digital Sediment Library
  • Integrated VR/AR/MR (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality) Software and Hardware Solution