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Colchis FM fulfills your forward modeling technical requirements for complex and unconventional reservoirs:

Intelligently create and modify geologic model which has complex geometries. Common depositional patterns and customized geologic body patterns are available. Easy to adjust the size of the models.

Easy to create and modify thin interbeds and models with complex beddings.

Fast and easy to fill in parameters for each geologic unit, such as shale volume, porosity, and oil/gas saturation.

Time and space variations also can be assigned to the geologic body properties, such as compaction effect, temperature gradient, and pressure gradient.

The ability to do anisotropy and fracture analysis.

Real-time interactivity across the geologic model, rock physics analysis, and seismic forward modeling.

One click away from forwarding modeling and inversion.

Results are reusable and extendable.




​​Precise calculation & value assignment of reservoir geophysics parameters

  • Properties interpolation/extrapolation based on multiple well data following stratigraphic principle.
  • Assign properties through vp/lp/ls or rock type porosity and saturation
  • Able to assign properties through strata or geologic body meanwhile a property calculator is built-in.
  • Able to assign time and space variation of any parameter of the geologic body, such as compaction effect, temperature gradient and pressure gradient



​​Intelligent and interactive process of model building

  • Automatically build complex models, easytocreate and edit normal/reverse fault,pinch-out, overlying-strata, lenticular body, etc.
  • Intelligent creation and edition,  automatically deal with WOC and GOC, automatically identify layers, faults and geo-bodies.
  • System contains geologic grid and strata mode, clear geologic meaning defines.
  • Commonly used templates are built-in, specific solutions can be developed for different oil basins.
  • Able to Build conventioinal, fracture contained and carbonate geology models.


​​Serve for 4D Seismic Survey and Complex Reservoir

One-click operatioin for inversion modeling, Well Logging-Rock Physics real time interactivity, Rock Physics-Seismic Forward Modeling real time interactivity

  • Observe different seismic response by changing fluid type in geologic body, 4D seismic response observation.
  • Anisotropic factor forward modeling.
  • Acoustic and elastic wave equations forward modeling, analysis of seismic process.
  • One-click Operations for inversion modeling, quick comparison with geology model, analysis of pre-stack and post stack.