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  • Creation and modification of complex structural/geological models, with built-in common sedimentary patterns, making it easy to change the size and thickness of the model. Supporting custom geological patterns.

  • Convenient creation and modification of thin interbedded and complex layered models.

  • Filling parameters for various geological units is more convenient, and parameters such as lithology porosity and saturation can be filled in. The compaction trend can be considered, and parameters can be filled in with respect to vertical and horizontal variations.

  • Anisotropy and fracture analysis can be conducted.

  • The operation is more convenient, and the geological model, rock physics, and seismic forward simulation are linked in real time, making it easy to summarize the patterns of changes.

  • One-click to complete forward and inverse modeling, easily and quickly completing related analyses.

  • Research results are accumulative, sustainable, and reusable.

ColchisFM meet your needs for forward modeling of complex and unconventional reservoirs in the following aspects:
Key Features:

  • Interactive Geological Model Building
  • Interactive Rock Physics Forward Modeling
  • Precise calculation and assignment of geophysical parameters of reservoirs
  • Targeting four-dimensional seismic and complex oil and gas reservoir research
  • One-click inversion
  • Real-time linkage between well logging and rock physics
  • Real-time linkage between rock physics and seismic forward modeling

Geological Model
Synthetic Seismic Model