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ColchisRM is developed on the ColchisR&D platform

ColchisRM supports flexible secondary development functions, enabling quick customization of analysis and plotting functions suitable for production sites according to user needs.

  • Assisted history matching through interactive display of well-fit error bubble charts on 2D or 3D plots, enabling rapid generation of history matching curves and well perforation layer production charts.

  • Supported multiple commercial numerical modeling software such as tNavigator, Eclipse, CMG, etc., with efficient pre- and post-processing.

  • Provided visualization and analysis through template-based 2D and 3D plots, cross-sectional plots, and curve plots. Various 3D slice analyses, multiple graphic overlays, attribute filtering, histogram statistics, and dynamic property interpretation were available.
  • Enabled integration of seismic attributes with reservoir models, facilitating model modifications guided by seismic information.

  • Offered the latest technical processes for connectivity analysis and water injection optimization, combining static and dynamic data.

  • Combined numerical simulation and dynamic analysis with seismic attributes, geological maps, and other data for comprehensive research, improving research efficiency and accuracy.
Technical Highlights
  • Easy to use, lowered the barrier of entry for using large-scale numerical modeling systems such as tNavigator, Eclipse, CMG, etc., making them accessible to both experts and beginners in numerical modeling.

  • Enabled interactive visualization and modification of models, allowing adjustments to property fields in a visual manner instead of relying solely on text-based modification methods.