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 WAVES is jointly developed by

 Saudi Aramco and Colchis PetroConsulting

WAVES  provides advanced analysis solutions including:

•A comprehensive and interactive workflow for processing full-waveform sonic data.

•Advanced fracture evaluation that utilizes low-frequency Stoneley waveform data and dipole shear anisotropy analysis.

•The latest tomographic velocity profiling technique, which provides the inverted velocity profiles along the borehole radial / azimuthal direction. This can serve as a new input for in-situ stress field study.

•The latest technology for visualizing wellbores in 3D. It is developed for both data visualization and data integration.

Key Features

Solid vendor neutral DLIS data decomposing and loading.

The interactive acoustic time difference picking and editing module provides high-quality P-wave, S-wave and Stoneley wave time difference curves.

The rock mechanics module provides dynamic and static elastic parameter conversion as well as engineering parameters such as Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio.

The fracture interpretation module of the stoneley wave is used to distinguish the developed strata and formation boundaries of open fractures. 

The orthogonal dipole shear wave anisotropy processing module is used to interpret the direction of high Angle fracture and maximum horizontal principal stress.

Interactive acoustic logging

Stoneley wave fractrue analysis

Anisotropy analysis of s-wave velocity

Velocity profile inversion of p-wave and dipole s-wave tomography provides radial velocity variation profile caused by drilling effect, which is a new input for in-situ stress field study.

Azimuth p-wave tomography velocity profile inversion also provides radial and multidirectional velocity profiles, which can be used to image near-wellbore drilling damage and study in-situ stress fields.

Patented full 3D wellbore visualization technology provides 3D visualization and integrated data interpretation of all measurements and interpretation results. That will provide high-quality input for subsequent engineering design of completions, perforations or horizontal Wells.

Radial velocity profile inversion for p-wave, dipole s-wave and azimuth p-wave tomography

Full 3D wellbore visualization