Exploration of oil and gas has become more challenging and todays seismic activities have become ever more sophisticated, with unprecedented levels of prestack data that requires careful processing in order to accurately image deeper and more complex geology.

At Colchis, we work with companies, integrating geology and engineering data, such as velocity modeling and dynamic depth conversion, designed into actionable information using innovative and proven integrated workflows to get the most out of oil and gas reservoirs, from new discoveries, matured fields and brown fields, helping to identify bypassed hydrocarbon.

Our team of experts, have successfully helped clients to spatially map the variations in lithology, mineralogy, porosity and saturation, map subsurface structures, highlighting the spatial distribution of rock units, faults, intrusive rocks and folds.

Services Offered

  • Seismic data processing to structural and stratigraphic model building
  • Seismic multi-attribute analysis
  • Rock physics modeling and AVO inversion
  • 4D seismic for reservoir monitoring and saturation and pressure prediction 
  • Downhole and surface microseismic data processing and interpretation
  • Geomodeling and geostatistics 
  • 2D/3D seismic data processing 
  • Forward modeling and synthetic seismograms
  • Seismic Interpretation