Reservoir Model

Reservoir modeling involves several geologic and engineering elements, though these actually are difficult to categorize strictly as either geologic or engineering because of the cause/effect relationship they have with one another.

We are bridging geological ideas and production prediction directly, through reservoir model, reservoir simulation and production prediction, without upscalling because high-resolution geological model may retain much information and fit reservior analysis in complex geological conditions. In addition, this workflow could avoid the problems of re-gridding, volume support etc..

The purpose of reservoir simulation is estimation of field performance (e.g. production, water-cut, recovery) under different schedules. Whereas the field can be produced only once, different models with different schedules may help us understand reservoir itself at low expense over a short period of time. Observation of model and simulation aids selection of an optimal set of producing conditions for the reservoir.

Services Offered

• Well Correlations

• Geological Model

• Reserve Calculation

• Production Decline Analysis

• Reservoir Simulation

• Uncertainty Analysis

• Production Prediction