Reservoir Characteristics is based on the Rock Properties, at Colchis PetroConsulting, we understand every successful exploration of hydrocarbon is dependent on excellent rock analysis, this basis forms Colchis approach in conducting every rock analysis service. We know this importance could be a deciding factor in successfully executing subsequent appraisal, development and production operations.

Having successfully sponsored several proprietary patented technology we combine an integrated analysis workflow, Advanced simulation Algorithms, with state of the art equipment’s and industry experts to provide companies with solid analysis encompassing the mineral content, textural relationship, rock classification, helping to connect rock properties with seismic amplitude or response allowing companies to accurately identify the most hydrocarbon-rich zones and build accurate reservoir models to both quantify your reserve estimates, drill and produce successful wells.

Services Offered

• Drilling plugs

• Core Slabbing

• Core photography

• Core gamma logging

• Extractions